Reducing noise for better restaurant sound acoustics

Restaurants and bars are known for their acoustic design challenges. Typically these premises utilise hard, reflective surfaces on floors, walls and ceilings for ease of cleaning and maintenance, which results in high levels of reverberation, and a harsh, unpleasant acoustic feel if not treated correctly.

As such, acoustic materials should be incorporated into the architectural design of the building to ensure comfort for users and staff by absorbing the noise of users along with that generated by the kitchen and other day-to-day operational noise.

Megasorber’s FM range of acoustic absorption panels is well suited to the restaurant and bar environment.  The lightweight design gives architects and designers the freedom to tailor the look of the finish while still being easy to install.  Whether it is a direct fix to roof panels, installation between purlins, a ceiling grid style, or even a design that features timber battens or similar, the installation and finishing options are varied.  The lightweight nature of Megasorber’s FM range means the panels can also be installed underneath tables and chairs to increase the absorption within the restaurant.

Megasorber’s water-repellent Soundmesh® G8 means that the panels are easy to keep clean – with various colours available, the design possibilities are endless!

Sound absorption video for echo noise reduction

High-efficiency sound-absorbing material for echo noise reduction in a scout hall

1. Direct-fix acoustic panels for soffits and walls.

Megasorber acoustic panels FM50 (or FM25) is direct-fixed onto soffit and walls using a unique fast curing adhesive Megasorber A200.  Combined with an express finish, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions for reverberation control, especially for large spaces and halls.

2. Acoustic backings for perforated/slotted panels and timber or aluminium battens.

For decorative finishes, slotted panels, perforated panels or any other decorative panels into acoustic panels, Megasorber acoustic backing products add acoustic performance to the systems.  Typically backing materials are:

  • Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 and G8A is a fabric that acoustically tunes for perforated/slotted panels and timber or aluminium battens.  Combined with an air gap, the acoustic performance is up to NRC 0.80.
  • Megasorber PN is a thin acoustic board that can be easily inserted or thatched onto the back of timber or aluminium battens. The acoustic performance is NRC up to 0.80 when combined with an air gap.
  • Furthermore, Megasorber Wavebreaker is a patented product that provides superior acoustic performance with NRC up to 1.0.

Typically such applications would utilize a 50mm or 25mm panel. However, this will be impacted by the coverage area available and any other design elements that either reduce or increase reverberation.

Acoustic absorption panels bring an enjoyable environment to busy restaurants

Megasorber’s FM and WFM range of acoustic absorption panels is perfectly designed to reduce the reverberation in busy restaurants, providing a cosy environment.

The lightweight design gives architects and designers the freedom to tailor the look of the finish while still being easy to install.

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