Reducing reverberation noise for better stadium soundproofing

Sports stadiums are known for their lively atmosphere. However, too much liveliness can cause discomfort to visitors, so acoustics must be considered throughout the design to ensure just the right amount of life while absorbing the significant reverberation bouncing off the hard surface finish.

Stadia environments may be indoor or partially exposed to the elements, and as such, there are varied requirements, all of which are well met by Megasorber’s acoustic absorption range.  Whether it be a large, internationally recognized venue such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) or Optus Stadium (the Craypot) in Perth, right down to local multi-sports venues or school stadiums, there is a solution to ensure the comfort of users, while still allowing the electric atmosphere of the live sports environment.

Megasorber’s FM, P and PN ranges are all utilized throughout sports stadia, depending on the final aesthetic requirements and exposure to the elements.  Together they work to ensure the best acoustic results that are proven through real-world testing data.

Sound absorption video for echo noise reduction

High-efficiency sound-absorbing material for echo noise reduction in a scout hall

1. Direct-fix systems for soffits and walls.

The systems consist of Megasorber acoustic panels FM, WFM and P range products with a unique fast curing adhesive Megasorber A200.  It is specifically designed for concrete soffits, insulated roof panels (such as Kingspan roofing panels) and walls.

Combined with an express finish, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions to reverberation control, especially for large spaces and halls.

2. Acoustic backings for perforated/slotted panels and timber or aluminium battens.

Megasorber Soundmesh® G8 and G8A are acoustically tuned to convert slotted panels, perforated panels or any other decorative panels into acoustic panels.  Furthermore, it is also attached to the back of timber or aluminium battens.  Combined with an air gap, the acoustic performance is up to NRC 0.80. Alternatively, Megasorber PN is a thin acoustic board that can be easily inserted or thatched onto the back of the timber or aluminium battens.  The acoustic performance is NRC up to 0.80 when combined with an air gap.

Furthermore, Megasorber Wavebreaker is a patented product that provides superior acoustic performance with NRC up to 1.0.

Typically such applications would utilize a 50mm or 100mm panel. However, this will be impacted by the coverage area available and any other design elements that either reduce or increase reverberation.  Take a look at our case studies to find out more.

Stadiums acoustics – the proven productions and solutions

Megasorber acoustic absorption panels bring out the best of the AV system and the sporting excitement by reducing unwanted echoes.

The lightweight design gives architects and designers the freedom to tailor the look of the finish while still being easy to install.

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