Soundproofing solutions for the transport & automotive industries

No matter the motorised transport method, acoustics comes into play in the design and construction.

Invariably, the vehicle will generate more noise than the user or passenger is comfortable with on an ongoing basis. So acoustic treatment is required to minimise the noise generated and block or absorb the noise from the driver/passenger cabins.

Whether a tram, train, bus, car, boat, excavator or oversized mining truck, Megasorber’s range of vibration damping materials, noise barriers, absorption panels and absorber/barrier composites provide sound solutions.

It’s not only the vehicles we treat – Megasorber’s range of acoustic absorption panels are also used to reduce the reverberation in transport hubs.  From bus stations to Melbourne’s T4 passenger terminal and the Gold Coast baggage hall, you’ll find Megasorber’s panels making the environment more comfortable for users by reducing echo and reverberation.

On top of all this, we are the preferred acoustic testing centre for many international passenger vehicle manufacturers. Our Alpha Cabin has been instrumental in providing the information required to designers to ensure the quietest driving experience possible for new car purchasers.

1. Soundproofing system for buses and coaches:

(1) Engine bay noise insulation: Megasorber FG25 and Megasorber FM25

The key features are shown in the schematic drawings below:

Superior sound absorption performance with NRC up to 1.0. Please see the test results below:

For more details on sound absorption, please follow this link:  absorption.

(2) Floor insulation: Megasorber B8;

  • Keep the bus or coach quiet by blocking the noise effectively with Sound Transmission Class (STC) 30.
  • Provide vibration damping to the plywood floorboard, reducing structure-borne noise.

For more details on how the barrier works, please follow this link: barrier.

2. Tram and train noise insulation:

Working on a holistic approach alongside OEMs, Megasorber has developed specific products to treat noise and vibration to ensure driver and passenger comfort.

Examples include:

  • Air-borne noise reduction Megasorber FM25 is designed to reduce air-borne noise. Megasorber FM products meet with EN 45545-2 railway standard.
  • Structure-borne noise reduction Megasorber DT2S and D14 are tested and proven products for metal panel resonating noise reduction.  For more information on how the damping material reduces the structure-borne noise, please follow this link: damping.
  • Cabin noise reduction for locomotives Megasorber C50 absorber-barrier-enhancer composite is the most used product.

For a case study on noise reduction for trains & trams, please follow this link:  Bombardier Tram Noise Reduction.

3. Noise insulation system for trucks

  • Cabin noise insulation: Megasorber FM12 and Megasorber FM25
  • Engine bay firewall insulation: Megasorber C14
  • Door panel treatment: Megasorber D14
  • Cabin floor treatment: Megasorber C14.

The key features of Megasorber C14 are shown in the schematic drawings below:

For more information about how soundproofing composite works, follow this link.

Train, Bus, Coach and Tram Soundproofing Solutions

Megasorber’s FM range of sound-absorbing foam with non-combustible Soundmesh G8 facing is designed for the harsh environments of engine bay noise reduction.

Megasorber’s Unique 4-fold Approach provides sound solutions.

View our FM range of absorption products
Bombardier Tram - DT2S