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Transportation Hubs Soundproofing

Soundproofing Products

Acoustic Foam Sound Absorbing Panel, lightweight, fireproof for engineering applications
Megasorber FM range
Inherently fire-resistant, light-weight, UV and hydrolysis resistant, excellent thermal insulation, optional fluid-repellent facing
Polyester Range Sound Absorbing Materials
Megasorber P range
Acoustic panel with fireproof sound-absorbing Soundmesh G8 facing

Airport Terminals, Bus Stations, Train Stations – Soundproofing Solutions

To make a pleasant environment for busy transportation hubs, Megasorber engineers work with consultants and architects to provide customised acoustic materials and solutions. Our acoustic products meet stringent requirements and have been engineered to provide:

Fireproof Sound Absorption Product Waterproof Acoustic Product

Soundproofing Solutions

(1) Acoustic performance: NRC = 1.0;
(2) Thermal insulation: R-value = 1.5

(1) Acoustic performance: NRC = 0.82;
(2) Thermal insulation: R-value = 0.74

Fixing System Options




Some of our Transportation Hub Soundproofing Projects

Sound Proofing Terminal Building Ceiling Melbourne Soundproofing Airport Terminal Bus Bay Ceiling


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