Deliver clearer speech, privacy, and noise control with Megasorber’s architectural acoustic panels for walls.

Megasorber’s wall acoustic panels significantly enhance speech clarity by reducing echo in environments like offices and schools. The Timber & FM standard and Textured Fabric acoustic panels are customisable, impact-resistant solutions that improve auditory environments while seamlessly integrating with aesthetic design choices. Available in a variety of fabric colours and textures, these panels can be tailored to meet the versatile needs of any architectural project.

When the architecture design requires the perforated or slotted panels or timber battens, Megasorber Soundmesh G8 and Megasorber PN acoustic board are acoustic backing materials, converting these decorative finishes into sound absorbing systems.

Megasorber B range noise barriers are specially designed for walls to ensure privacy by blocking noise between spaces such as offices and classrooms. Megasorber B is designed to be used in the cavity walls or sandwiched between plasterboards to increase the sound transmission loss (Rw) of the wall, resulting in optimal speed privacy between rooms or spaces.

Advanced Acoustic System for speech clarity and speech privacy

Advanced soundproofing and sound enhancement solutions are essential for modern construction projects where acoustic performance is a priority. Our range of products, including Megasorber FM, Timber and Textured Fabric acoustic panels for walls and Barrier B sheets, offers effective sound absorption and noise-blocking capabilities. These products are designed to enhance speech clarity by reducing reverberation and echo and ensure privacy by preventing sound from entering or escaping designated areas.

Speech Clarity by Megasorber Wall Acoustic Panels

Experience the speech clarity effect of Megasorber’s acoustic panels for walls, significantly reducing reverberation in a large hall.

Exceptional Speech Privacy

Experience the speech privacy effect of Megasorber’s wall acoustic panels and ceiling acoustic panels, comparing the effect of a meeting room beside a busy tearoom.

For optimal results, consider treating both the ceiling and walls to achieve superior acoustic performance.

Busy tearoom without wall acoustic panels

This video demonstrates the sound in a bustling tearoom without any acoustic panels.

Noise intrusion in meeting room

This video is an example without Megasorber’s wall acoustics panels in the adjacent meeting room.

Enhancing Speech Privacy with Megasorber’s Wall Acoustic Panels

This video highlights the dramatic difference in noise reduction after installing Megasorber’s wall acoustic panels and Megasorber acoustic barriers in the adjacent wall.

Soundproofing Excellence: The Patented Megasorber Sound Absorption Solution

Megasorber’s wall acoustic panels incorporate an innovative, patented, non-combustible, sound absorbing material, Soundmesh® G8. This groundbreaking technology, protected under U.S. Patent No. 8167085, Canadian Patent No. 2674986, and Australian Patent No. 200926197, ensures unparalleled sound absorption capabilities. By integrating this advanced material, the Megasorber Timber, Textured Fabricand FM standard acoustic panels not only excel in diminishing noise but also meet strict safety standards, offering an optimal solution for environments where both sound management and fire resistance are essential.

Megasorber FM Wall Acoustic Panels

Megasorber FM wall acoustic panels enhance speech clarity by reducing echo and reverberation, making them ideal for spaces requiring clear communication.

Available in three styles, the printed Timber acoustic panels come in 12 woodgrain patterns, and exclusive marble and old brick finishes. The Megasorber Textured Fabric panels offer 16 elegant colours and designs. The Megasorber FM standard acoustic panels offer six standard colours. Furthermore, Megasorber provides customised solutions tailored to match specific architectural visions, ensuring acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal are seamlessly integrated.

The panels are offered in standard G8 or high-impact resistant G8 for areas prone to wear, such as sports centres and schools. Installation is facilitated using Megasorber A200 adhesive for a durable fit. Proven installations in diverse venues like the ANU Aquatic Centre and ANZCA Boardroom showcase the panels’ effectiveness in various settings, affirming their adaptability and superior soundproofing capabilities.

Soundmesh® G8/G8A and Megasorber PN boards are crucial for enhancing acoustics behind perforated panels and timber battens. These products, including the innovative PN board with Soundmesh G8 facing, absorb echoes and improve speech clarity. Soundmesh G8 is also effective alone, transforming decorative panels and battens into sound-absorbing systems. With options like G8A’s heat-activated adhesive, these components are designed to blend into various aesthetics while boosting acoustic quality, as proven in prestigious venues like the Leonardian Centre and Lanzhou Theatre.

Megasorber Barrier B sheets

Megasorber B is a high-performance wall acoustic barrier that provides superior speech privacy and noise isolation in sensitive environments.

This flexible barrier can be integrated into new constructions by sandwiching between a stud wall and plasterboard or retrofitting onto existing walls with an additional plasterboard layer, offering versatile installation options. By using this advanced soundproofing solution, facilities can significantly reduce noise disturbances, creating a more comfortable and confidential environment for all occupants.

This noise barrier is especially beneficial in dense living spaces and critical professional environments like police stations, courtrooms, schools, and boardrooms, as it effectively blocks sound waves.

Architectural applications for Megasorber’s wall acoustic panels

Megasorber’s acoustic panels for walls are designed to meet a variety of architectural needs across multiple settings, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements.

View past projects

Corporate Offices

Enhance speech clarity in meeting rooms, boardrooms, and open-plan offices to facilitate clear communication and concentration while ensuring privacy and reducing external noise interference.

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Educational Facilities

Make it easier for students to focus and absorb information without distractions from echo and background noise in classrooms, lecture theatres, and libraries with acoustic panels that improve speech intelligibility.

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Healthcare Environments

Benefit from acoustic panels, which safeguard patient privacy, minimise stress-causing noise and create a quieter, more serene environment conducive to recovery.

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Public Spaces and Cultural Venues

Manage sound for optimal audience enjoyment and protect the integrity of performances and exhibits at theatres, concert halls, and museums with acoustic absorption.

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Sports and Recreational Facilities

Make gyms, indoor pools and arenas more enjoyable and functional for participants and spectators with sound absorbing panels that reduce echo and manage noise levels.

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Transportation Hubs

Improve announcements’ audibility and reduce the fatigue associated with constant, high-volume background noise at airports, train stations, and bus terminals by implementing acoustic panels for walls.

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