Soundproofing case study:

Architects: BVN Architecture
Location: 101 Wells Street, Frankston, Victoria, Australia

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South East Water HQ

Acoustic absorption panels

South East Water Headquarter is a new, state of the art building with a total ceiling area of over 7,500m2. Megasorber P100W-RW and P25W-RW were selected for the acoustic ceiling system.

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Megasorber P100W-RW and P25W-RW are acoustic panels with a white fireproof, water repellent and sound absorbing Soundmesh® G8 facing on both sides and are 100mm and 25mm thick respectively.

The products were direct-fixed onto the concrete soffit with the unique Megasorber A200 adhesive. This adhesive is easy to use and has a strong initial grab.

Acoustic Ceiling System Features

  • High sound-absorption
  • Inherently fire-resistant facing with water repellent property for easy cleaning
  • High light-reflection
  • Easy to install
  • direct-fix onto concrete soffit using Megasorber A200 adhesive
  • No frame nor grid
  • Suitable for coastal conditions.

South East Water case study

This video shows the installation and the finish of the Megasorber soundproofing ceiling system in the office.

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