Megasorber is a carbon-neutral company that reduces noise, creating a more pleasant work and living environment.

In lowering noise pollution, embedded in our company strategy, our commitment to fighting climate change is part of our DNA, and part of our certified ISO 14001 system.  Our journey to design and manufacture our patented soundproofing materials and solutions, we are carbon-neutral in what we do.  Working with our customers, together we create a beautiful sound environment while also aiming to protect our planet.

From raw material selection, manufacturing and the finish of our soundproofing materials, we are carbon neutral in everything we do.

Our journey to achieve our carbon-neutral and protect our planet:

Zero waste manufacturing practices through our three-R principles:


We value and protect our planet’s precious resources.  With clever engineering and smart manufacturing technology, any rejects are fully reused and repurposed.


Product offcuts are repurposed instead of going into landfill.  For example, sound-absorbing panel offcuts are converted into a carpet underlay.

Product offcuts are repurposing


When materials cannot be reused or repurposed, we recycle. For example, soft plastic and packaging materials are recycled.

Sustainability Soft Plastic Recycling Truck at Megasorber

Sustainable Acoustic Solutions to Enhance Your Living Space

Utilise our soundproofing materials and solutions to create a pleasant, serene working and living environment. Our carbon-neutral approach aims to protect our environment and planet in everything we do.

Carbon neutral report available, contact us to view.

Megasorber Sustainable Acoustic Solutions Tree Planting 2023

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