Direct-fix of Megasorber’s acoustic panels onto the concrete soffit of ceiling and walls. Powder coated aluminium trim finish.

Product features

  • Superior sound absorption utilising patented technology.
  • BCA Group 2 fire classification.
  • IMO compliant for marine applications.
  • Hydrophobic (non-wicking).
  • Suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Water repellent facing (optional).
  • 100% recyclable acoustic polyester wool.
  • Long service life i.e., will not deteriorate when exposed to hot and humid conditions.
  • Easy to install – can direct-fix using Megasorber A200 adhesive.
  • Easy to clean: dirt marks or fingerprints can be easily removed with Clean M8 block.

Megasorber P25

25mm acoustic panels with Soundmesh® G8 facing (Grey).

Product installation

  • Panel joins were sealed with colour matching Soundmesh® G8 tape. Direct-fix to purlins using Megasorber A200 Adhesive.

The project

Melbourne Airport T4 Bus Bay
Architect: Hassell

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Terminal 4 bus bay Melbourne airport

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