Transformer Noise Reduction
United Energy, Sycamore Street, East Malvern Victoria

Transformer noise concerns

  • Low-frequency tonal ‘humming’ noise impacting nearby residents
  • Initial remediation using brick walls
  • Additional treatment is required to comply with environmental noise regulations

Product features

  • High sound absorption at low frequencies (60Hz to 120Hz)
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Water repellent facing
  • Must not grow mould when exposed to rain
  • Tough and durable

Megasorber P100G-RG

P100G-RG 100mm acoustic polyester panel with water-repellent Soundmesh® G8 facing (Grey).

Soundproofing solutions

  • Add noise barriers to block out the direct noise path to residential areas
  • Line the noise barrier and all walls with Megasorber P100 to absorb transformer noise
  • Line concrete footing areas with Megasorber P100 to further increase sound absorption.

Soundproofing results

  • The tonal humming noise heard beyond the transformer has been vastly reduced.
  • The site is now compliant with environmental noise regulations.
  • There have no longer been noise complaints from local residents after installation completion in 2015.

Noise level before treatment:   78 dB(A)

Noise level after treatment:      52 dB(A)

The video below recorded the difference before and after the acoustic treatments.

Transformer Noise Reduction

Megasorber P100 with water-repellent Soundmesh G8 facing (grey) was specified and installed on the noise barrier walls, exposed to full weather.



The project photos

Transformer Noise Reduction
Photos before and after the acoustic treatments

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United Energy transformer noise reduction

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