water-based liquid deadener

High performance liquid deadener for METAL panel vibration damping and noise control. The exceptional vibration damping properties are complemented by an easy to use fast-drying formula, and low flammability.

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key features

High vibration damping efficiency.

Water-based, non-toxic formulation.

Fast drying.

Non-sag formulation (thixotropic).

Excellent adhesion, will not delaminate from substrates.

Water and UV resistant once dry.


Metal roof panel and wall cladding to reduce rain impact noise.

Marine: hull panels, deckhead and bulkhead damping treatment.

Transportation: buses, trucks and rail-vehicles panel damping treatments.

General industries: enclosure panel damping, hoppers and chutes, machinery guards
and acoustic enclosures.

Whitegoods: dish washers damping treatment on the stainless steel panels.

Automotive: damping treatment for door panels, roof panels and floor panels

reduces rain noise on metal roof panels


vibration damping sheet


self-adhesive damping tile


self-adhesive vibration
isolation & damping sheet