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The Noble Park Community Centre is a multi-functional hall, a venue for sporting activities like basketball, while also a vibrant hub for social gatherings utilized by Noble Park’s diverse and multicultural communities in the Greater Dandenong region. These social events are often full of lively conversations and interactions. The large, spacious community hall covers almost 400m² and consists of polished floorboards, brick walls and plasterboard ceilings. But the sound was bouncing off these walls and ceiling, creating a long reverberation time and resulting in poor speech intelligibility.

The City Council engaged acoustic consultants, Clarity Acoustics, to recommend a solution to this noise issue. Their recommended solution was to install at least 100m² of sound-absorbing panels, such as Megasorber FM50, to reduce the irritating reverberation noise.

The Megasorber FM panels are very lightweight, which makes the installation process easy. In one day, thirty-five Megasorber FM50 panels were direct-fixed onto the ceiling with Megasorber A200 adhesive. Blending seamlessly onto the ceiling, the Megasorber FM50 certainly enhanced the aesthetics of the hall, with users commenting the hall looked like it had received a facelift !

Reverberation time (RT) was measured before and after the installation. The Megasorber FM panels cut the RT by more than half, eliminating that annoying echoey noise. The Noble Park Community Centre is now a much more pleasant and inviting place for social functions and activities.


Megasorber FM50W-RW

50mm lightweight, inherently fire-resistant acoustic panel with non-combustible, water-repellent, white sound absorbing Soundmesh® G8 facing.


Megasorber A200

High tack and temperature resistant adhesive using the latest polymer-alloy technology. Available in sausages and cartridges.




Thirty-five Megasorber FM50 acoustic panels were cut to size and directly fixed with Megasorber A200 adhesive onto the ceiling with an express finish.
The installation was completed in 2023.

After installation of the Megasorber acoustic panels in Noble Park Community Centre



Acoustic measurements were performed at three different locations in the hall: the front, the centre, and the back. At each location, five measurements were taken with an NTI XL2 analyzer. These results were averaged over the three measurement locations.

The graph shows the RT measurement results before and after the installation of Megasorber FM50W-RW sound absorbing panels.

Before acoustic treatment, the hall sounded very echoey and reverberant. The measured Reverberation Time (RT) was well above three seconds at frequencies 500Hz, 1,000Hz and 2,000Hz.

After acoustic treatment, there was a reduction of more than 50% in the measured RT; the hall is much less reverberant (not so echoey). The RT is now 1.35 seconds at 500Hz, 1.6 seconds at 1,000Hz and 1.61 seconds at 2,000Hz.

With minimum coverage, Megasorber FM50 reduced the RT time by more than 50%. Megasorber FM50 effectively absorbs noise. This hall is now by far a more pleasant place for social get-togethers and sporting activities without such an annoying echo.

Results installation of Megasorber absorber acoustic panels in Noble Park Community Centre


Damien McGrane, involved with the Product Management Support at the Greater Dandenong City Council, provided the below testimonial on the completion of the installation. We thank Damien for the positive feedback.

Noble Park Community Centre staff received very positive reviews from many people visiting the centre. The staff were also very happy with the acoustic improvement and clarity in speech after the Megasorber FM sound absorbing panels were installed.

The project

Acoustic Consultant: Clarity Acoustics
Installer: Design Acoustics
Location: 44 Memorial Drive, Noble Park, VIC 3174

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